23 thoughts on “TOP 13 MANGA YURI (in my opinion)

  1. 0:18 Почему на русском?) Кстати манга классная, советую прочитать. Эту мангу добавил в список любимых)

  2. My list
    13 Kawaii Anata
    12 Octave
    11 Honto no Kanojo
    10 Prism
    9 Salomelic
    8 Send her home on the last train
    7 Whispering you a love song
    6 Cheerful Amnesia
    5 Even though we're adults
    4 Met my sister on a dating site
    3 Fragtime
    2 Luminous Blue
    1 Useless Princesses

  3. Tamen de Gushi
    -literally had my ass laughing the whole time

    Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Bloom into You)
    -perfectly balanced drama and romance. not too aggressive not too passive. my personal favorite

  4. citrus should be number 1(in my opinion)😎️😎️😎️😎️😎️😎️😎️😎️😘️😘️😘️😘️😘️😘️

  5. I totally agree with you what does the fox say's storyline was pretty well written..In my opinion there should be miss angel and miss devil also included in this list ♥

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