PHO with Beef Stew in Red Wine (PHO BO SOT VANG)

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23 thoughts on “PHO with Beef Stew in Red Wine (PHO BO SOT VANG)

  1. Cô vừa giỏi tiếng Anh vừa giỏi tiếng Việt còn nấu ăn ngon nữa thích cô quá

  2. Hi Helen. This summer I started to grow some asian herbs but I don't know how to use them because of the strong flavors. One of them is rau ram, vietnamese coriander. I tried to put it in summer rolls but the flavor is too overpowering. I'm also growing thai basil and that went well with the rolls, any other ways to use it?

  3. Hi Helen! I found your channel on one of Maangchi's videos, asking Maanchi's viewers where to find equally authentic cooking for other cuisines around the world. Someone recommended your channel for Vietnamese food, and I'm so glad. Thanks for all the work you put in and the high quality videos!

  4. I want this book so bad! I need to buy asap because I'm trying to loose weight and I want to go on a pho diet lol really!

  5. I have Amazon prime….I'll be ordering the "Simply Pho" cookbook shortly….thanks for sharing Helen!!!!

  6. Vietnamese Pho with French boeuf bourguignon style. I have to try it. Cam on cô Helen. Y kiên hay.

  7. Does your Simply Pho cookbook also have a recipe for Bun Bo Hue? I like Pho but I also like Bun Bo Hue a lot too. Thanks for the recipe of Pho with beef stew.

  8. Hi, I love pho a lot. However I’ve stopped eating beef some personal reason and wondering if there’s any r cipe that can make pho without using beef? Thanks

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