24 thoughts on “Nhược Bạch gặp lại Bách Thảo – Whirlwind girl III (Roubai met Baicao again)

  1. Xem mà cứ thấy thương thiên hạo,đẹp trai giàu có thiếu chi gái đâu,si tình quá mà cũng k dk đền đáp j.toàn ăn những câu phũ như nước hắt vào mặt

  2. I think that the two years that Bai Cao has been attached to Ruo Bai have been enough to fall in love wih him and Yu Chuyuan it's just a lovely memory of her love as a teenager. She didn't realize that until the end. I hope one day we could watch 1 or 2 episodes where Bai Cao and Ruo Bai are together and happy. This is the final that all the fans of this two have been waiting for so long 😘😘🎈😘😘🎈

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