40 thoughts on “Manga ( Yuri ) Puku Yuri 2 – Futari Nara

  1. Mom: *comes in the room and see this shit *
    The girls : *still kissing *
    Mom: YOU BETTER GRADUATE and now you may continue * closed the door slowly *

  2. its track sounds like 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない。

    Or probably

    MIKU – My treasure instrument

    Also sounds like TORA

  3. Uhhhhh you know what if I love you I’ll show you I’ll love you but I won’t die with you so srry

  4. "I could believe it if it where some MANGA.." XD they 're sooo cute~
    Should I brake the third dimension?… naah~.. ♡

  5. You ever have those moments where you read and then pause for a moment to die then you go back to reading

  6. It's a little too fast… One of the best things in manga – you can look at art as long as you want

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