Girls' Love- Intimate (ft. 'Lily' manga Yuri)

Photos used in this video is from the Yuri manga “Lily” by YY – Pikapi comics team . This is purely fanmade.

I just wanna share how beautiful this Yuri manga is..’Lily’ by Pikapi..
*Avid fan here..
*these are cut scenes
Credits :Lily S2 by YY -Pikapi
Music: Nightcore ver.’Shy’

If you wanna read the whole story just go to manga apps and support the author..

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P.S. I’m just new in these things.. ^_^ huehue

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27 thoughts on “Girls' Love- Intimate (ft. 'Lily' manga Yuri)

  1. when my friend told me i'd like bc its anime-
    i thought it would ya know more wholesome… but this is great too

  2. Hey! I'm 16 years old yet I've got no boyfriend since birth! and I've never been in a relationship😑
    The truth is…I'm really confuse,
    when one of my classmate, confessed to me, I suddenly feel disgusted and I rejected him…
    I don't know why!? He's so generous and kind of cute but when he asked me to be his girl,
    damn I feel disgusted, I'm speechless and turned him down.
    There are girls that I find that they are cute but also I don't want to be in a relationship with them😐 but I love watching Yuri animes and Yuri comics…
    guys I'm very confused😓 help me!!!🙏 I don't know if I'm into boys or girls? how can I know?🙀

  3. 1st day of highschool:
    Friend:Are you Lesbian?
    Me:Of course not,why would you think that
    Friend:bc you have never been interested in boys?

    Me: watching yurt through out 1st year of highschool

    5 months later
    Friend:Are you Lesbian
    Me:Yes,I’m Lesbian asf
    Friend: But I thought you sa-

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