23 thoughts on “[EPISODE] 140218 It's a j-hope-ful day!

  1. I Can't even stop crying when they are crying its super sad I Don't Care if i cant understand their Language but I Understand Their Emotions Love u Bangtan!

  2. Este video me pone triste, ver a Hobi llorar, el que siempre tiene una sonrisa, es tan lindo el detalle que le dieron por ser el solecito, la esperanza de Army.

  3. sayang banget pokonya sama bangtan💜 sayang banget sayang bangetttttt ga ada kata2 lagi selain sayang dan terimakasih untuk kerja keras kalian. We always support you all💜💜 army will stay with you until forever love u💜

  4. do not Cry
    do not Cry
    do not Cry
    do not Cry
    Well, Iam crying every time I see J-hope cry

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