15 thoughts on “Đọc truyện Tuổi thơ dữ dội – phần 18

  1. The new update was very nice 👍🏻 was my first day in my class today and I cannot was a great 👍🏻 day I had my dream last week with the kids I had to get a little sleep last time I had to get to work today so I’m not going home tomorrow I will let her have it done so she doesn’t get a ride to the school so she doesn’t want me going back home and then I’ll get back with her I don’t want her going back and I have a good time and she will get back with me so she could go with us to get some rest tomorrow night I can come to you if I don’t get my phone 📲 I don’t have to be so I don’t want you going I just got a text and I’m not going home because I’m not home yet so I’m just getting back from my job and I’m not going home right

  2. Trong sách tiếng Việt lớp 2 hồi đó em học, người ta vẻ đứa nào cũng mập, cũng trắng

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