Beef Ragout – Ragu bò

Full recipe at (Xem cong thuc day du tai)
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Beef stew video

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45 thoughts on “Beef Ragout – Ragu bò

  1. Hi Helen, thanks for another great recipe. Could I use chuck as the meat? Will I need to cook it for longer to tenderise the meat?

  2. Hi, chị rất thích những video của em. Chị cũng share cho mấy người bạn người Anh của chị vì họ cũng mê món Việt từ hồi qua Việt Nam chơi đó ;-P Mà em ơi, nếu được thì em có thể nói hết bằng tiếng Anh (đừng xen tiếng Việt vào nếu không cần thiết) vì bạn chị nói hơi bị confused khi xem clips. Chị nghĩ thay vì lâu lâu để vài câu tiếng việt ở dưới như vậy thì em có thể cài 2 phụ đề tiếng việt và tiếng anh trên youtube để người dùng tự bật theo nhu cầu của họ. Mấy bạn người Anh của chị họ chưa quen Vietnamese accent nên thường nhờ chị "dịch lại". Có phụ đề tiếng Anh cho họ sẽ đỡ hơn đó em. Anyway, I love your cooking 🙂

  3. me oi me o nuoc nao khi noi chuyen thi phai co nguoi phien dich thi ngta moi hieu chu,me noi tieg anh k ha,ai ma hieu ma me cu len noi chuyen hoai

  4. Sorry, key board error. I plan on traveling to HCMC in March. To experience VN cooking. I love your sexy accent I can tell you love food.

  5. I don't recall ever see beans in this recipe.  I think it is a good variety though and will add beans next time.   With ketchup and beans it sure is very Texan flavor….:) 

  6. Yummy! East meats West! I've tried this with pork belly and bacon just as good! Cilantro and jalapeno pepper at the end gives it a fresh flavor!

  7. Another good video, Helen. Such an inviting color to the soup. And much to my liking, the dish can carry quite a lot of black pepper.

  8. CELERY!!   you forgot it.   It is part of the holy trinity of French food, Carrots, Onions and Celery is always the base!    Elma Fudd even cooks Bugs bunny in it.  
    Otherwise i like your recipes etc..  

  9. I made this recipe & found the ketchup to be too sweet for my palette. It smelled like ketchup, even after simmering. It did not evoke memories of my Vietnamese childhood. I felt perhaps it was quite the epic fail for me. Perhaps next time I will try it with a non ketchup tomato sauce & see if I can cook like my mom. Or I'll just have to go out to eat. Alas.

  10. hi helen we enjoy your recipe a lot  thanks so much and do you know how to do nem neugn  please do it for us please by 

  11. Regards from Holland …this is NOT ragout …this is in Europe …simple stew … you are insulting the Franch kitchen ….hahahaa…

  12. Dear Helen,
    There is a photo of a dish pictured after the video that I would like to make.  It is called Glass Noodle Stir Fry with Peppers, Napa Cabbage, Shitaki and Peanut Sauce (Goi Mien Chay)  I can't find the recipe for it.  Is that a recipe that is included somewhere?

  13. Love the video! I remember when my dad used to make this. Thanks for doing what you do and making these vietnamese dishes, it makes me miss my family but it also reminds me where I came from 🙂

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