Bánh sinh nhật vẽ hình nâng cao kết hợp trang trí hoa giấy gạo

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33 thoughts on “Bánh sinh nhật vẽ hình nâng cao kết hợp trang trí hoa giấy gạo

  1. Your work are simply amazing,I really like everything that you do eversince I first open one of your video.I just hope you will also share with us the recipe of your frosting and also the buttercream that you use in piping your flowers.Thank you in advance <3

  2. Талантлевейшая , художник, мастерство, очень красиво завораживает 💯👏👌👌🙏👍👌🍁🥀💐🌼♥️♥️❣️💞.🎂🎁🍰 СПАСИБО!!!!!

  3. Восхитительно ! Великолепно ! Супер ! БРАВО МАСТЕРУ !

  4. Wonderful design mid but you need to work on what goes together on your color scheme. It looks like 2 completely different cakes?? Just does not work for me.

  5. I have been watching you and I love everything, today I tried to makes some of your flowers, but I couldn't jiji but I will try again.

  6. Estou apaixonada por seu trabalho, a cada vídeo fico mais fã você é maravilhosa. Parabéns 👏👏👏👏

  7. This art cake beautifully handcrafted delights. Her Icing is perfect it stayed really firm.
    How do you do your icing Ms. Nguyen?

  8. What you do is just magic.
    I admire your work.
    Please write the recipe for this cream for decoration. Thank you in advance

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