10 Manhwa You Need To Be Reading

Manhwa/Webtoons generally have lower quality than manga. Luckily, I’m a loser with a lot of time on my hands and have been able to find some of the best ongoing manhwa out there 🙂


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0:00 Favormusic – Time Remembered
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1:44 Kenkura -Extended Stay (Zelda Music)

4:38 Yusei -It’s a Sad But Life Is Full of Sudden Goodbyes

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7:50 Toby Fox/Undertale -Snowy

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8:52 Sleepdealer -Sorry

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10:02 Yusei- It’s okay to not be okay

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End: “The Black Cat”

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Manhwa is cool top 10 manhwa is even better. Colored folk are the best tho I am also colored. Webtoons are the best tho best manhwa it’s ongoing. Solo leveling is the stuff right boys? ANyway red storm was cool a fairytale for a demon lord is also cool but hardcore leveling warrior is the sickest. Moshi fanren and lookism are aight Koreans know how to make a good story. manga manga new manga. My recommendation is to read more I got the best fantasy and action manga. Tower of God is also a webtoon if you didn’t know. Action. Scamboli out. reviews.

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37 thoughts on “10 Manhwa You Need To Be Reading

  1. insert obligatory "WHeeRe iS ThIs MAnhWA??!"

    0:44 ***Bastard: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, romance

    1:44 *Solo Leveling: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

    2:49 **Red Storm Action: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural

    3:44 *A Fairytale For A Demon Lord: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy

    5:09 Painkiller: Action, Fantasy, Drama

    6:31 *Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

    7:50 Moshi Fanren: Action, Horror, Manhua, Shounen, Supernatural

    8:52 Her Summon: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhwa, Shounen

    10:02 *Lookism: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, School Life, Seinen

    11:39 Raid (KIM Jung Hyun): Action, Adventure, Manhwa, Sci-fi

    I don't know why I said Lookism was a romance, I started reading it around the same time as similar story and got them mixed up ig teehee

  2. I see a lot of solo levelling and different manhwa comments but not much on lookism. After getting over the sad start it slowly builds up and Im hooked on it now.

  3. There needs to be a captions section, or you need to actually write down the names -_-, what is a ocefan ren… 7:50 yes, it took me a while since im guessing its not famous but its Moshi Fanren, if any has trouble finding the name, but other than that, yes very epic list

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