10 Fantasy Webtoon/Manhwa/Manhua List 1

Here’s the *Updated* Top 10 Fantasy Manhwa :
and here’s the 10 Fantasy Webtoon/Manhwa List 2 :

10. Tales of Demons and Gods
9. DICE The Cube that Changes Everything
8. Epic of Gilgamesh
7. Hardcore Leveling Warrior
6.. Ernak
5. The Gamer
4. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
3. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
2. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon
1. Solo Leveling

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45 thoughts on “10 Fantasy Webtoon/Manhwa/Manhua List 1

  1. Solo Leveling has much weaker storyline compared to some others on this list. My personal favourite are Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (for the Skyrim feels) and A Returner's Magic Should be Special.

  2. si quieren una adactacion al anime firmen la peticion en neflix
    en https://www.change.org/p/netflix-solo-leveling-anime-series
    no se olviden de difundirlo

  3. Well yeah solo levelling is very satisfying because everything works in favor of jinwoo and the art is just fantastic, a very satisfying action manhwa, but if were gonna talk abt story, character development, technicality of the story, tower of god is just Hands down the best, the story is just crazyYyY. ART

  4. 1-Tower of God
    2-Hardcore leveling warrior
    3-the Legendary Moonlight sculpture
    4-Yaoshenji/tales if démons and gods
    5-Solo leveling

  5. My
    1.solo leveling
    2.returners magic should be ….
    4.sweet home
    9.STAR GOD…..(Sry i dont know the name but it is also by mad snail)
    (Not in order as jojo is the best manga of ZAWARDO)

  6. SL thoughts mmmmmmmmhmmhmm hehehehehehehhajajhahahahahahHahajAHAHAJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  7. Not jumping on the bandwagon but i must admit… Solo Leveling is in another league, mainly because of the arts.
    But seriously tho, who could posibly more cool than Sung Jin-Woo !!??


  8. I really really recommended the solo leveling the best of the best although the other is good but this is the best it just sad that it been block by manga zone 😤😔

  9. Please read Hardcore Leveling Warriors it s underrated…. but it’s so good, in contrary to solo leveling (which i read and love) it has ambition, the World building is really good and the charachter developpment is well made. I read every manwhua / webtoon of this list and HCLW really has a different touch.

  10. why is hardcore leveling warrior so low????????? also, the gamer is trassshhh, what happened to TOG??, or Unordinary??????? God of highschool??????

  11. Gotta thank this channel for introducing me to solo leveling, one of the best manhwas I have read in such a long time!

  12. In solo levelling he becomes a s class heroes stronger the the pther s class heroes and his father is really strong able to defeat a s class in seconds expect mc maybe?

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