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Using Unit Tests to Learn a Framework

I’m an increasingly big fan if unit/functional testing. While not necessarily using TDD I am aiming for comprehensive code coverage in close proximity to writing any bit of code. With that on mind I have been implementing the Laravel PHP framework in my latest project. Laravel has great testing built in, greatly encouraging its use. […]

TDD (test driven design) Does Not Replace QA

For some odd reason it appears that some proponents of TDD think there is no longer a need for a decent QA team. Indeed, some of the biggest names in the tech world today (think Facebook or BaseCamp) didn’t have QA teams for several years. TDD is a great concept insofar as it goes. Unit […]

The screen utility is your friend! – aka upgrading ssh remotely

This is an “oldie but a goodie” for some of you, but it always bears a reminder. If you try to upgrade your ssh server remotely it will likely hang when you go to restart the service after upgrading. A client recently needed chroot sftp capabilities on their server and their OpenSSH server was out […]

Help! Where’s My App Switcher Gesture in Lion?!

I rarely upgrade any OS when it is first released. This was always my practice with Windows, then Linux and now with OS X. So when Lion was released back in the Summer I passed on the chance to be first in line. Then 10.7.1 came out and I still waited. But with the arrival […]

VirtualBox and Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog

Yes, I know, Hoary Hedgehog has been obsolete for a long time, but there are still customers out there with entrenched installations of the first release of Ubuntu that I have to support. Actually, for some of these customers where the machine is basically a point of sale machine with no internet access, Hedgehog performs […]