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Not So Fast! Adobe Flex Still Alive?

I haven’t touched Flex projects in a couple of years now. Once the iPad came out all my Flex clients dropped Adobe Flash. We moved lots of code to HTML5 in the past several years. For all that HTML5 has to offer, however, I have often missed some of the beauty found in the Flex […]

PhoneGap + ChildBrowser – Opening all non-app links in ChildBrowser

I’ve been working on a PhoneGap project with iPad as the target. Most of the app runs from an external site so after presenting local files to handle the login form and authentication the main webview then shifts to an external site where the rest of the code runs. We are using ChildBrowser to handle […]

Flash waning, HTML waxing?

Just an example from my own development contracts that Flash apps appear to be on the wane. I spent 3 1/2 years developing a Flash application using Adobe’s Flex technology. The app went live less than a year after we started and we spent the next 2 1/2 years adding features and improving the application. […]

Modulr Case for iPad

We have had our iPad for two months now with no case. We knew we’d need a case from the first day we used it, but always had our sights set on the Modulr case. If you haven’t kept up with Modulr, they make an iPad case that snaps into several other add-on products for […]