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For NSPredicate in Swift you have to use NSNumber, not Int

I was writing a fetch request predicate as follows: deleteRequest.predicate = NSPredicate(format: “id != %@”, selectedEventId) This is all well and good except it was aborting the app on the selectedEventId variable saying EXC_BAD_ACCESS. It took me a while to realize this was because I declared selectedEventId as the Int Swift type. Changing selectedEventId to […]

Using Unit Tests to Learn a Framework

I’m an increasingly big fan if unit/functional testing. While not necessarily using TDD I am aiming for comprehensive code coverage in close proximity to writing any bit of code. With that on mind I have been implementing the Laravel PHP framework in my latest project. Laravel has great testing built in, greatly encouraging its use. […]

TDD (test driven design) Does Not Replace QA

For some odd reason it appears that some proponents of TDD think there is no longer a need for a decent QA team. Indeed, some of the biggest names in the tech world today (think Facebook or BaseCamp) didn’t have QA teams for several years. TDD is a great concept insofar as it goes. Unit […]