After 11 years of freelancing combined with 2 years attempting a tech startup (SessionRadar) I’m now happily a W-2 employee again. I didn’t think I wanted to be W-2 again after 11 years of the flexibility and freedom of working for myself on freelance jobs, but the drill of bidding and capturing new contracts has gotten wearying and I’m ready to work on the same great codebase day in and day out.

Enter TicketSauce. What started as a joint project between SessionRadar and TicketSauce culminated in joining TicketSauce full time in November ’16. I get to work in the great CakePHP framework. Not as “suave” as I thought Laravel was, but very mature and pretty straightforward to orient my brain to. I’m also responsible for the iOS and Android apps at the company and the various white labels we support.

Three months in I’m very happy, working with a great team and still working remotely from my home. Couldn’t be better.

I’ll keep contributing to open source as I’m able (which was never much) and answering/asking on StackOverflow, but I’m really glad my core focus gets to be the success of a single company.