I’ve used DropBox for quite some time now and loved it. When I needed more default storage, however, a friend pointed me in the direction of SugarSync. SugarSync offers a range of different features, but my clear favorite is the ability to flag any folder on my machine as a sync folder. No longer do I have to put my sync files in the DropBox folder, I can sync any of my standard folders and leave them in place.

SugarSync also maintains a distinction between which files came from which of my computers or mobile devices so if I want files specifically from my laptop instead of my desktop the mobile clients show that distinction.

Combine that with a base storage allocation of 5GB and SugarSync looks like the clear winner. Almost.

After two months of using SugarSync I still find myself using DropBox far more often in my day to day routine and there is one simple reason: mobile integration. It seems every app that I care about on my iPad and iPhone allows for DropBox interaction. If I want to work in Office2HD for example or PrintCentral or a myriad of other apps, all of my files have to be in DropBox. For reasons I haven’t explored, SugarSync does not have built-in support in any of the apps I use.

So while it is wonderful to have more storage and sync any folder on my machine, when I want to edit files in my mobile devices DropBox is the go to storage medium. Thus here I am two months later still using DropBox as my mobile storage medium and SugarSync as my cloud backup medium.

Maybe iCloud will change all that but somehow I still think DropBox is going to be my the storage medium of choice for some time to come. We’ll see.