Yes, I know, Hoary Hedgehog has been obsolete for a long time, but there are still customers out there with entrenched installations of the first release of Ubuntu that I have to support. Actually, for some of these customers where the machine is basically a point of sale machine with no internet access, Hedgehog performs just fine and there’s no need to upgrade.

In order to support these customers I needed to set up a test box in VirtualBox to test my updates locally before taking them to the customer. My first attempt on setting up Hedgehog using VirtualBox 4 failed with IO errors during partitioning. The problem is the default setup for a new VirtualBox machine is to use SATA disks and Hedgehog chokes on SATA, at least in VirtualBox. Removing the SATA disk and adding the VDI under the IDE controller worked like a charm.

Hope that helps anyone else still needing to test Hoary Hedgehog installations.