Entries for February, 2011

number_format modifier for Template_Lite

Anyone else puzzled why the Template_Lite template engine for PHP does not include a number_format modifier by default? I was. I googled and didn’t find one in my short search so here it is: function tpl_modifier_number_format($number, $decimals) { if(!empty($number)) { return number_format($number, $decimals); } else { return number_format(0, $decimals); } } Just save that into […]

SVN Merging – Update First!

I’m not sure I’ve read this in the official redbean book or not, but in practice I’ve learned that you should always update your SVN tag to the latest version before merging trunk into it. I primarily use Subclipse inside of Eclipse for my SVN work, so this may apply more there, but I always […]